M.Cee - Toronto, ON

M.Cee grew up with Hip Hop and began absorbing the greats like 2Pac, Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z & Kanye West from a young age. He studied them and dreamed of becoming greater than his idols. Not having a Father figure and being raised by his Mother led M.Cee to look up to these artists as role models because they were able to show him a side of life he felt was shielded from up, yet he intrinsically felt so deeply connected to. 
YGBR is currently finishing up his first official mixtape release “The Separation” which is being hosted by street A&R Sir Young Prezzy (MTV, VH1, BET) and promoting it on a worldwide level. He works at Starbucks and when he isn’t at work, he's practicing his craft and trying to make himself a better artist. M.Cee aspires to be known among the current greats like Drake, J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar. He’s knocking at all the major labels doors and making all the right connections to assure the he establishes his presence within the music industry. M.Cee believes his work ethic and passion for music will separate him from all the artists that are trying to make it, only time will tell how far he goes with his dreams.

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