Welcome to Tight As One Entertainment.

Tight As One Movement

Our goal is to unite the people of the world, and to liberate your Mind, Body & Spirit through our Music.

Tight-As-One Entertainment delivers a sence of hope and comfort to all aspects of our life, but doesnt shy away from dealing with the real issues we face everyday. Each Record is individually crafted by our  in-house Artists, Producers and Engineers from start to finish, to bring you relevant and meaningful music that builds rather than destroy. We speak only the Truth, therefore our music is timeless and completely undeniable. If you are real with yourself, than Tight-As-One will be real to you!


Tight-As-One Entertainment is a form of distributing the truth of life to the masses through music and entertainment, but Tight-As-One is more than just music and entertainment. It is the foundation of our lives (mine and yours) in which we become complete or whole by finding ourselves. The journey begins the exact moment that you question your existence. Who are you? What is your purpose? These are just two questions among many we'll encounter at some point in our lives, but the truth is these questions are only relevant if we respond to them. Real wisdom is acquired once we seek the answers and come to terms with them. Being one with youself and God is the state in which we become Complete, Whole, or Tight-As-One.


As an Artist,Hip Hop Producer,Video Editor/Producer,Enterpreneur and Businessman Ti-Flow has established himself apart from others by taking on the task of single-handedly developing and managing his own destiny. Creating a new brand of music and sound through his very own Independent  Record Label, Tight As One Ent.

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